Eugen Nussbaum
Senior Producer & Corporate Development at Welt der Wunder




 Media, ICO, Licensing

START Summit, Blockchain@MEDIENTAGE, BTCM2018


Blockchain technology is breaking up outdated and deadlocked systems and structures, enabling forward-looking businesses and ecosystems.


Eugen studied business administration and Journalism of Technology. My professional career began with market research and analytics. Since 2013 i am with Welt der Wunder, at the beginning as a TV editor & producer, now with responsabilities in the companies project management. Now I am focusing on the management and coordination of our current blockchain project and ICO.


A blockchain-driven licensing, trading and distribution platform for high quality video content for international broadcast, VOD and online video publishing. Welt der Wunder TV is planning an ICO to construct a completely new blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform for high-quality video content, for the international broadcasting, VOD and online video publishing sectors. In the future, it will offer all content owners the opportunity to provide their content to a global market and to facilitate access to purchasers, advertisers and users. Customers will be able to do business directly with the owner or the producer of the media content with automated, trust free security of blockchain regulated smart contracts. This eliminates a host of intermediaries and significantly reduces the price.