Aaron Wagener - Aaron Wagener
Aaron Wagener
Co-Founder & COO of MXC (Machine Xchange Coin)

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As the first company to add hardware to the Blockchain we're adding an extra layer of responsbility and accountability to a wide range of IoT projects, this is an exciting step in connecting "things" and "devices". Blockchain is allowing us to create the Social Network of "things".


Aaron is the Co-Founder of MXC. He's a true global visionary with over 15 years strategic business experience at some of the world’s largest digital corporations. Fostering a global reputation of success, his unique ability and determination to deliver complex, new-age business models into early markets has seen him deliver multi-million dollar profitability in 4 continents


MXC is significantly increasing the amount of IoT Data transmissions and monetary transactions by using the Blockchain to improve data delivery efficiency and reducing data collisions. MXC encompasses the entire data journey in 3 easy ways: 1. M2M communications, allowing devices to complete tasks, operating without human interaction. 2. Data Trading Platform, Simplifying the trade of sourced data on an open and decentralized data network using MXC exclusive Smart Bidding Technology. 3. Network Allocation, allowing everyone to get involved in the "Shared Economy", rewarding all users who develop their own decentralised LPWAN data networks to increase data transmissions