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Alexander Koppel
CEO at Riddle&Code GmbH

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Just like the internet did, creating networks of trust, thanks to blockchain technology, will have a truly transformative effect on our economies and our societies through accessible but secure database, immutable entry of data and easy securitization of every asset.


I am is CEO of RIDDLE & CODE, the end to end blockchain interface company. An expert in establishing green field business and accelerate growth he has over 20 years of industrial experience in a range of sectors including Media, Telecommunications, and Internet. Previously he was Chief Commercial Officer at Red Bull Media House, leading the company’s international business and commercial development.


RIDDLE&CODE developed its own hard- and software stacks to combine highest security standards with the potential of Blockchain technology. By extending hardware in form and function, sophisticated security measures known from the credit card industry get connected with the Blockchain ecosystem. RIDDLE&CODE is Europe's leading company for blockchain interface solutions. Its hard- and software stacks enable companies to master the challenges of our digital society such as machine identity, product provenance and supply chain management. Since its foundation, RIDDLE&CODE has been successfully working with international companies and institutions. The company was recognized with various awards for its technology.