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Andrea Bauer
Co-Founder of DEBLOCK, Author of The Krypto Economy, Lecturer at design akademie berlin

Company: Deblock.it

Project: The Krypto Economy

City: Berlin

Expertise: Author, Business Development, Cryptoeconomics, DLT, Speaker, Sustainability

Speaker: NKF Summit, re:publika18, Moin.Blockchain, C3 Crypto Conference, High Tech Partnering Conference, ColaborAmerica, EXPO 2017


I think the technology is going to be incredibly impactful. That's why I work on it every day. And I hope my work will bridge the legacy systems with the new decentralized approach. Because I believe, if we want to create a future format of the internet of values, then there's going to be legacy, there's going to be crypto currencies, real-world assets, and different forms of distributed ledger technologies like permissionless and private blockchains. There will be all of this.


Andrea Bauer is interested in the intersection between Distributed Ledger Technologies and the emerging crypto economy, as well as the government of digital values. Even though blockchain-based currencies have not yet established themselves as a mode of payment, she sees the concepts of the decentralized management of virtual assets and tokens as enormously transformative for our digital ecosystem.


The Krypto Economy elaborates on the underlying dynamics of our digital era to better create a responsible technological future. Living in a world of exponential technological advancement, we have new construction kits to create and probe possible realities.

krypto economy - Andrea Bauer