balasz deme 300x300 - Balazs Deme
 Balazs Deme
Founder and CEO at Herdius

Company: Herdius


Location: Berlin

Expertise: Cryptoeconomics, Decentralized Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies


I am interested in disrupting finance and banking through the creation of an interoperability protocol that can act as a decentralized exchange & global liquidity pool.


Balazs has been actively mining cryptocurrencies since late 2012. Prior to starting Herdius, he worked as an EIR while primarily focusing on reinforcement learning and convulational neural networks. Having always been passionate about FinTech, Balazs is now creating the new financial infrastructure for the blockchain space.


Herdius is a blockchain interoparibility protocol that interconnects all the different blockchains on the private key level. Our protocol can generate a private key on any blockchain in a distributed way through having different nodes in our system hold parts or slices of the distributed key. On top of this architecture we build a blockchain agnostic decentralized exchange compatible with any asset, a custodian wallet solution and a universal identity layer.

herdius screencap - Balazs Deme