Christoph Jentzsch
Christoph Jentzsch
Founder & CEO at Slock.it

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Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the way humans and machines transact with each other, by giving them the power to execute economic transactions directly between them without third party involvement. It is digital programmable cash.


Christoph’s background is in theoretical physics, where he developed optimized software solutions for high performance computing on specialized hardware. Christoph has been part of the Ethereum project since 2014 as Lead Tester, securing and shaping the core protocol while working on the backend of the C++ client. End of 2015 he co-founded Slock.it, working on the decentralized sharing economy through the connection of Blockchain and IoT.


INCUBED is a trustless INcentivized remote Node Network with which it is possible to establish a decentralized and secure network of remote-nodes, and enables trustworthy and fast access to blockchain for a large number of low-performing IoT devices. INCUBED, though, is only part of a greater product Slock.it is building at the moment. The Slock.it IoT Layer includes payment channels, hub services, a discovery service (marketplace for IoT devices) a messaging system, access control smart contracts and integrations within existing IoT clouds, as well as software images for commonly used systems on a chip such as the raspberry pi or the samsung artik.
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