daria suvorova 300x300 - Daria Suvorova
 Daria Suvorova
Legal and Blockchain Consultant at Blockbay GmbH

Company: Blockbay GmbH

Project: Moin.Blockchain

Location: Hamburg

Expertise: Legal, Cryptocurrencies


It's crucial to investigate applications of blockchain technology in various industries - you never know where a meaningful innovation will take off, hence legal, financial, art, media industries are all equally promising.


Daria Suvorova is a former professional tennis player with a background in law, business and psychology. Her thesis work covered research on implications of Smart Contracts in respect to traditional EU legal contracting. Daria now works as a legal and blockchain consultant at Blockbay GmbH, a platform that enables higher efficiency in cryptocurrency trading.


Moin.Blockchain took place in a form of a blockchain conference with a focus on public education, diversity and women inclusion in the blockchain scene. It was one of the latest and very important projects I worked on in terms of bringing real value to the society,