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Darina Onoprienko
Founder & CEO at evertrace GmbH

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Blockchain changes everything in supply chain.


Darina’s core competencies lie in the areas of supply chain management, business development and innovation management. With over 5-years professional experience in international supply chain management and logistics, she is involved on both the operational and strategic level. Previously, Darina has been responsible for innovation processes at NBT with a specific focus on identifying IoT and blockchain use cases.


Evertrace is an end-to-end solution for tracking physical assets across globally distributed supply chains, enabling all stakeholders to seamlessly integrate verified data into smart contract based processes. The automation of complex supply chains via smart contracts is only possible when decisions are based on trustworthy and reliable data. By combining IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies, we create a single source of truth for real-time supply chain data. Core features of the evertrace platform include the attestation of supply chain data through end-to-end secure device identification, real-time event processing, smart contract services and the seamless integration to blockchain systems via an adapter.