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Elisheva Marcus
Senior Content Manager at NBT AG

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I focus on storytelling for ventures who build solutions using IoT and blockchain tech which support people's life-quality, especially in the areas of healthcare and proptech.


Elisheva Marcus is internationally-minded: a bi-coastal American, she studied Biomedical Communication in Canada and lived in Israel and Argentina before settling in Germany. She worked at Berlin startup Ada Health before covering digital health innovation and women in tech topics on Medium. She now develops content at Next Big Thing AG, a European company builder in IoT and blockchain.


NBT builds real use-case ventures with scalable, data-driven business models who provide products and services in IoT and blockchain. Two of our ventures are described below. Weeve allows data to be monetized as a tradeable, digital asset secured by next-generation cryptography that attests data and traded in blockchain-agnostic marketplaces. Evertrace uses blockchain to solve supply chain pain points: as a data validator, they ensure compliance of tracking devices, security of data transfer, and development of machine learning algorithms to analyze usage patterns.
NBT - Elisheva Marcus