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Blockchain Circle is a network of outstanding blockchain  founders, enterprise professionals, authors, journalists and other experts. Are you a blockchain professional yourself?

ax Kordek - People

Max Kordek

Co-Founder and President of Lisk, Co-Founder and Direktor of lightcurve

Daniel Wingen - People

Daniel Wingen

CEO of DW Innovate GmbH, Co-Founder of BlockKeeper, Token Economics Designer at WOM

Lan Lyu - People

Lan Lyu

Co-Founder of HealthTech Network Asia & Advisory Board Member of Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH

Volker Skwarek - People

Volker Skwarek

Professor, Head of Blockchain Research Group at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

klaus - People

Klaus Himmer

CEO and Co-Founder of CryptoTax, Tax Expert at Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

andrea bauer - People

Andrea Bauer

Co-Founder od Deblock.it, Author of Krypto Economy, Lecturer at design akademie berlin