Fabian - Fabian Vogelsteller
Fabian Vogelsteller
Ethereum Pioneer, Founder of LUKSO

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Blockchain is the first independent economical transaction layer that will totaly change the way we interact and engage. It is the foundation for a total social and political change by creating mechanisms of interaction everybody can create and participate in.


Fabian Vogelsteller joined the Ethereum Foundation before the network started in January 2015, building the Ethereum Wallet, which was the first to enable smart contract interaction for non-tech people, as well as the Mist Browser, the first decentralised web 3.0 Browser. He also work worked on the RPC API and still works on developer tools like web3.js the Ethereum space's most used JavaScript library. He proposed the ERC20 token standard, and ERC725 Identity standard and now builds LUKSO, the Fashion and Design Industry Blockchain an Ethereum sister network.


LUKSO is the Blockchain specifically created for the Fashion and Design Industry. Building a decentralised innovation and trust platform for brands, start-ups and customers. Providing the foundation for new forms of automated economic interactions and ownership management.
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