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Jeff Gallas
Founder of Fulmo

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Bitcoin enables the individual to regain freedom of transaction and financial privacy. It's an ever evolving creature of the Internet, enabling new possibilities every day. You can't just stand on the sidelines when the most important project of our generation is evolving.


Jeff Gallas is a consultant, investor and entrepreneur based in Berlin. Actively involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since 2011, he co-founded one of the first European Bitcoin broker websites and is the founding director of the German Bitcoin Foundation ("Bundesverband Bitcoin"). He's a member of the Crypto Economics Consulting Group and founding member of the Bitcoinkiez in Berlin as well as the world's longest running Bitcoin meetup, the Bitcoin Stammtisch in Berlin. He is a consultant for the award-winning FinTech startup Bitwala and regularly runs workshops and advises other companies and non-profits in regard to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Currently, Jeff is running Fulmo, an enterprise which is dedicated to Research and Development of the Lightning Network and Blockchain scaling. This includes projects like the #LightningHackday and the #RaspiBlitz.


Bitcoin Lightning Network Research and Development.

Fulmo Website
Fulmo Website