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Joachim Lohkamp
Chairman of Blockchain Bundesverband, Founder and CEO at Jolocom

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Decentralization, Digital Identity, Open Source, Sharing Economy, Bundesblock

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SXSW2018, Re:publica 2018, DecentralizedWebSummit, DigitalerStaat, TOA, GovTech Pioneers, MyData, OuiShare Fest


Blockchain Technology is interesting because it enables us to rebuilt the infrastructure of our digital economy where it failed: in the areas where we want to exchange real values, protect people's privacy and freedom and create businesses that can thrive without the need to be a monopoly.


Joachim Lohkamp is an entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast with a heart for activism. As the founder of Jolocom, he has been working at the forefront of the decentralization movement in Berlin since 2014. With Jolocom, he is providing the identity solution that will enable real world use cases in smart contract based business models. To ultimately harvest this potential and inform innovation aimed regulation, he co-founded the German Blockchain Association "Bundesblock" that establishes the dialogue between Blockchain businesses and politics. You might also find him as a co-organizer of events like the Decentralized Web Summit and GetDecentralized or in his role as an advisor at the decentralized Think Tank BlockchainHub.


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