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John Calian
Head of T-Labs at Telekom Innovation Laboratories

domain 1 e1530001479218 - John Calianhttps://laboratories.telekom.com/

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city e1530001513808 - John CalianBerlin

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Blockchain will bring higher level of trusts to telecommunication networks.


John is the Head of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) in Berlin, a group of some 300 experts & scientists (+ entrepreneurs) from a variety of disciplines, from more than 25 nations all working together at T-Labs. Additionally, John co-founded and leads all product development for the T-Labs Blockchain Group, a team dedicated to decentralization research and development. In this dual role, John is responsible for developing and leading innovation topics, including blockchain strategies and initiatives, machine learning techniques and customer experiences, for Deutsche Telekom and its partners.


Developer communities around the world get instant access to a decentralized application stack powered by blockchain and telecom network connectivity