Luise Müller-Hofstede
Luise Müller
Director Business Development at Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions

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I am interesting in early adaptions. I heard enough of Blockchain in theory in the last years and want to get to know as much use cases as possible to get to know real impact. The most promising impact I see in supply chains and data security.


Working in blockchain since 1,5 years. I am in business development, consulting and global partnerships in the field of energy, supply chains and the art world.


Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions is a software house specialising in applied cryptography technology. Apart from offering full-suite services spanning Consulting, Smart Contract development to Tokenization Models, we are currently growing very specific blockchain business units from the ground up. These range between a variety of industries such as Energy, Fintech, Logistics, Supply Chain, Gaming and Art. The team consists of professionals combining expertise in distributed ledger technology models, interoperability between blockchain platforms, decentralized database platforms, and cybersecurity.
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