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Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru
Chief Investment Officer & Chief Marketing Officer at Brickblock

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Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way that we are used to transacting any kind of asset, especially illiquid ones. I personally believe it will improve many different industries as it will help remove the necessity of having middlemen.


Manuel is an engineer and data driven expert that started exploring the internet when he was a kid. At the age of 15 he created his first website. When he arrived in Europe, he immersed himself completely in the startup world. He worked as a web designer and marketer freelancer before joining Rocket Internet in Paris, where he became Head of Mobile Marketing for Jumia (Goldman Sachs’ African unicorn). After his journey in Paris, Manuel decided to go to the Silicon Valley of Europe (Berlin) and joined JobPal (500 Startups) as their Interim Marketing Director. This was followed by a CMO position at Medlanes (backed by Microsoft & Axa Ventures). He is an expert in the blockchain space and leads all of Brickblock’s marketing and analytic efforts.


Brickblock is revolutionizing finance by allowing you to invest cryptocurrency in tokenized real-world assets. It is one of the few blockchain projects with a working product and will soon list the world’s first tokenized building.