Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller
Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller
Founder and Managing Partner of LUKSO

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The blockchain is an absolute paradigm change to our current belief system and the way things have been done for centuries. Throughout history, we have experienced how technology changed an improved our lives over and over again. I believe we are about to undergo a fundamental change in society, and I'm excited to be part and help bring of this change to different industries.


Marjorie is a multi-faceted design and innovation expert, equal parts entrepreneur and designer. She has supported organizations across Europe, to outward latent unmet needs into holistic experiences around them. An architect and designer by training, Marjorie spent most of her professional career creating ideas and concepts for her clients, ranging from well-known artists and creative agencies, to one of the Big Four. She takes a special interest in the confluence of design and technology, as well as in which ways those can be used to promote well-being and create new business models. After her most recent project, the creation and management of an Innovation Lab, she made the decision to use her knowledge and experience on a new project, that would be even more fulfilling professionally and personally. She is the founder of LUKSO, and Ethereum Based Blockchain for the Design and Fashion Industry.


LUKSO is the Blockchain platform specifically created for the Fashion & Design Industry. Building a decentralised innovation and trust platform for brands, start-ups, and customers, providing the foundation for new forms of automated economic interactions and ownership management. The LUKSO Platform is secured by crypto-economics combining financial incentives and cryptographic verification mechanisms.