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Markus Ament
Co-Founder & CEO of Centrifuge

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Blockchain technology allows us to exchange business data in a way that is private, immutable, immediate, provable and tied to specific business identities, thus enabling completely new financial services as well as a reinvention of existing ones.


Maex is a serial entrepreneur focusing on the Financial Supply Chain. He co-founded Ebydos, a pioneer in e-invoicing and Taulia, a platform for supply chain financing that is used by companies like CocaCola, Vodafone and Nissan. His newest Venture, Centrifuge, is building the a decentralized operating system for the financial supply chain.


Centrifuge is a blockchain technology-based, decentralized operating system for global commerce. The open source platform enables companies to manage relevant information and data without middlemen, and to exchange business documents in a controlled and transparent manner. Centrifuge thus optimizes processes in accounting, billing, logistics and supply chain financing.
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