Nikolay Manchovski
Nikolay Manchovski

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I'm interested in Blockchain, because of its distributed nature, the lack of central authority and autonomy for the users opens up new business models.


I am a software engineer by profession and a mechanical engineer by education. As a mechanical engineer I have only the fundamental knowledge provided by the Technical University. I never had the chance to gain any working experience in this area, even though I am interested in. As a software engineer I am fascinated by cloud based multi tier architectures as well as the upcoming wave of Internet of Things. For the last several years I am trying to merge my knowledge about mechanics and software into the physical world by working on drones, robots, automation and so on. I am an open minded person, strong team player, who respects new ideas and technologies and is always ready to get his hands dirty with the craziest idea. I am always committed to the projects that I am working on.


YPTOKEY is your expert in integrating digital accesses and connecting them to the Blockchain! Our solution offers three separate parts: 1) Digitalize your lock or asset by integrating our firmware licenses 2) Integrate digital accesses in your products and services by integrating our mobile device SDK 3) Be part of the decentralised network to enable unique services and cross-industrial cooperations YPTOKEY. Autonomy for users. Cooperation for businesses.
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