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Pavel Romanenko
Product Owner at NKF Media

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Blockchain technology is one of the most important drivers in the overall technical advancement. It reshapes absolutely every industry because it improves the way how humans interact with each other, enhances the human to machine communication and enables the autonomous economy of machines.


Pavel Romanenko is Product Owner of the Blockchain Circle network at NKF Media (publisher of startup magazines the Hundert and Berlin Valley). He is very enthusiastic about the enterprise adoption of the blockchain technology and consulted leading German companies about the blockchain use cases in industry and supply chain. In his role as a Product Owner of Blockchain Circle he has a broad and neutral overview of the blockchain ecosystem. We identified over 140 German blockchain startups and over 200 blockchain experts and feature them in our magazines, share their wonderful stories and connect them with the right corporates and VCs during our events. Companies like Siemens, thysenkrupp, Henkel, Otto group and WallDecaux met experts from IOTA, BigchainDB, SatoshiPay and Gnosis at our events.


Blockchain Circle is the go to network for blockchain professionals. At our events and in the media of NKF we already featured thought leaders from BigchainDB, Blockchain Bundesverband, Brickblock, IOTA, Gnosis and Catena Capital.

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