Peter Grosskopf
Peter Grosskopf
CTO at solarisBank AG

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I'm in particular interested in decentralization as a topic with Blockchain technology as a driver cause it has the potential to change industries and disrupt old structures.


Peter Grosskopf is Chief Technology Officer of solarisBank and former Chief Development Officer at HitFox Group and the Fintech Company Builder Finleap. He leads all strategic tech and R&D initiatives and is responsible for the tech vision of the company. Current focus is to build up solarisBank's "Blockchain Factory" with the mission to bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto world and to drive the vision towards decentralized banking.


We connect solarisBank with the Blockchain ecosystem and provide banking and blockchain technology services that bridge the gap between the banking and the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. The Blockchain Factory aims to innovate solarisBank’s core business by shaping our vision of decentralized banking.

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