Philipp Schulz
Philipp Schulz
Co-Founder of TV-Two

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When the Internet emerged, I was too young to be involved. Today, Blockchain is the Gamechanger that helps us to move forward. Being on the forefront of bringing this new technology closer to society drives me.


Following his studies at the EBS University for Economics and Law, Oestrich-Winkel, he moved to the mobile advertising startups Minodes from Berlin. There he headed the business development department and supported the double-digit exit to Telefónica. He founded TV-TWO at the end of 2017. Since then he has pursued the mission of providing more transparency and fairness in the world's largest advertising market. The blockchain-based Smart TV App is to become the first station for video entertainment on TV in the future.


A Blockchain-Based Open Platform for a decentralized Television Ecosystem. Connect your TV to the Ethereum Blockchain to earn cryptocurrencies. The Open Platform enables direct interaction between users, advertisers, and content providers.