Prof. Dr. Katarina Adam - Prof. Dr. Katarina Adam
Prof. Dr. Katarina Adam
Professor at HTW Berlin, Co-founder of SIMMST

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Blockchain is for me the single source of truth which means that I no longer have to trust that my counterpart take advantage of me in complex situations - today I see the most promising impact in the field of shared record keeping.


Prof. Adam is teaching Corporate Finance, Accounting and Controlling. The focus of her research and teaching activities is the blockchain technology with the application possibilities in the real world, taking into account the financial aspects. The fascinating characteristic for Katarina Adam is the linking of technology and economy in the transfer to the real world. Furthermore, she speaks regularly at leading conferences in Europe and Asia. Furthermore, she is the organizer of the Blockchain@HTW conference at her university and aims to bring people from academia, economy, law and regulation at one table to discuss.


We at SIMMST are building the platform for real estate industry on which landlords and tenants can exchange important information simply, quickly and efficiently and our SIMMST Hand-Over-App is our first product to digitise the process and to store information immutable.
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