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Shamala Hinrichsen
Founder and CEO at www.hanai.eu

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I see Blockchain revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered and accessed.


I founded Hanai after spending four months mapping the rural healthcare dissemination landscape across India. I am a mother of two young boys myself and I battled with the concept of birth lottery when I was amongst other mothers out in the field. I also spent time with women in Mozambique and found the problem to be the same while the geographies different. Hanai is an attempt to bridge the gap - make sure all women can take charge of their lives, regardless of where they are. I am a geneticist by training and I switched gears to communicate healthcare and sciences. One of my largest projects recently includes consulting the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, Luxembourg, on promoting its life sciences, clean technologies, and ICT sectors globally. Be it facilitating seminars in North America, South Korea, China, India, or finding a product name in Germany, or promoting a Luxembourg sector globally, equipped with my languages and local sensitivities, I feel completely at home.


Hanai closes the worldwide knowledge gap in healthcare by connecting citizens with trusted information in a decentralised exchange network.
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