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Volker Brendel
CIO Wenn Digital Inc.

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Blockchain is responsible for one of the main big technology shifts of the future from central organised systems and authorities to distributed and decentralised consensus groups with the ability to work in a trust-less environment on mission critical and legal compliant decision and documentation processes.


Volker Brendel starts its career 30 years ago in the field of pattern recognition in the banking industry. After starting its own company business 24 years ago, he specialist in research and enterprise computing and was the development lead of the Fraunhofer project “Broken Stasi Snippets Reconstruction” and leads several Research projects for fraud content, parts, skin and object detection in real world scenarios for healthcare such as Smart Senior, Matrix and Med-I-Port and for the security industry. As senior manager of the Deloitte Analytics Institute he was responsible for many big data & AI driven analytics projects for big customers in automotive, finance, chemicals and manufacturing as lead big data architect. Volker was CTO in many different international companies and is focussing now, as CIO of the WENN Digital Inc. and CTO of the Ryde GmbH on the platform development of KODAKOne.


KODAKOne is an AI & Data insights driven worldwide rights management platform for photographers on its own blockchain and its own crypto economic KODAKCoin.

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