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Volker Skwarek
Professor, Head of Blockchain Research Group at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

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Blockchains support additional services for data to be secured in their data context. It is the "HTTPS for data driven applications".


Educated as Electrical Engineer, spent more than 1 decade in managing responsibility for research and technical development in automotive industry. Now professor for embedded systems, convenor in ISO TC 307 (Blockchain) for WG 3, "Smart Contracts", and leading a research group for blockchains with ultra low powered devices.


Data intensive and sensitive applications may largely define the future use of blockchains. As ultra low powered devices are integral parts of industrial applications, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have to be found which make a complete secure and validated data path between cloud- and sensor-based chains possible. Smart contracts and legal smart contract frameworks are also very important as a "transformation enabler" between the different blockchain types.

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